Effort Certification & DHHS Salary Cap

A combination of lecture, case studies, planning strategies, and hands-on learning activities provide needed skills in this collection of courses.

Effort Certification

Examine not only the federal requirements that shape institutional policy but also details of OHSU's Effort Certification procedure, including reporting frequency and shared compliance responsibility. Effort Reporting, with its compensation indications, relates very closely to the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) Salary Cap.

DHHS Salary Cap

Gain tools for navigating the complex process of budgeting for and managing salaries affected by the DHHS Salary Cap. How do you know if the course is right for you? The Salary cap applies to any OHSU employee working on DHHS sponsored awards who earns more than $181,500 (the current salary cap) as an 1.0 FTE base salary. If there are researchers in your department who fit this criteria, we highly recommend the course!

Effort Reporting & Salary Cap Refresher

This course is offered before the Effort Certification deadline in order to support timely and accurate reporting. Whether you are a Department Effort Coordinator (DEC) who feels a bit rusty, are new to Effort or Salary Cap, or support your department's Effort Coordinator (DEC), these courses are for you. Lecture, case studies, planning strategies, and hands-on learning prepare you with great tools before diving into the task. 


Intermediate: These courses support Department Effort Coordinators and others who assist with effort certification as well as department administrators involved in planning and budgeting for grant support.


Each course runs 2 hours and is offered semi-annually.


Use the course name to search for scheduled class dates and enroll via Compass (OHSU employees only).