Grants administration

RATE's grant administration classes focus on topics specific to research administration. The curriculum is managed centrally in Research Development and Administration, informed by RDA experts and seasoned research department staff to ensure relevant and up-to-date content.

RATE learning goals center on helping research administrators to problem-solve, adjust to an ever-changing policy landscape, and to leverage access to the most accurate practices and resources in support of the excellent research efforts occurring every day at OHSU.


A core of essential classes help to bring new and transferring employees into the community professional practice of research administration at OHSU. Essentials paint a picture of the award lifecycle and it's many phases.

Completion of the Grant Administration curriculum is recommended as this provides a foundation for additional training. See Essentials classes here.

Specific topics

Classes that focus on specific topics are recommended based on your particular responsibilities. While a number of these topics are suitable for all learners, some of are geared toward department coordinators and analysts, and others are intended for department administrators and supervisory roles. For more information, see Specific Topics.

Additional Learning

Employees are able to locate a broad range of research-related learning opportunities from in-person classes to online training through OHSU's learning management system, Compass. Search for keywords or topic areas by logging in with network credentials here.