Subaward Invoice Roles and Responsibilities

Departmental Staff

Departmental staff is responsible for monitoring subawards in the same way as they monitor expenditures on all other awards.

Project Department Fiscal Manager (PDFM)

  • Primary department contact for subaward invoices.
  • Coordinates the receipt of the PI and Fiscal Authority signatures.
  • Returns the approved invoice to SPA in a timely manner to ensure that OHSU's vendors are paid within the terms of the subaward agreement.
  • Ensures that subawards are executed and/or amended in an efficient manner through timely submission of the Request for Subaward form and follow up with the appropriate Grants & Contracts Analyst in the Research Grants & Contracts office.
  • In the rare event of a dispute, is responsible for coordinating resolution with the collaborating institution.

Signing the subaward cover memo indicates acknowledgment of the following:

Principal Investigator (PI)

  • Ensures that subaward expenditures are in compliance with the programmatic requirements of the subaward.
  • Agrees that the work subcontracted for is compliant with the terms of the subaward, and was or is being satisfactorily performed in an accurate and timely manner within the scope of work of the agreement.
  • Ensures that subawardees are not billing OHSU for unallowable or unreasonable expenses.

Fiscal Authority

  • Ensures that the charges listed in a given subaward invoice are appropriate for the specified project per the terms of the contract.

Sponsored Projects Administration staff

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) assists the department with financial administration of subaward accounts and ensuring that they are managed in accordance with University policies and procedures, and federal regulations.

Subaward Monitor

  • Performs general review of administrative and financial information provided on invoices for consistency with subaward agreement and budget (the invoice is within the contract period and the cumulative bill is not greater than the contract amount).
  • Communicates with department and/or subawardee, as appropriate, for clarification or resolution of discrepencies in information on the invoice.
  • Ensures that subaward invoices are coded to the correct project using the appropriate expenditure type.
  • Sends the invoice and cover memo to the PDFM to route for approval.
  • Submits reminder emaisl to the PDFM (and PI, if necessary) to encourage timely response.
  • Forwards approved invoices to Accounts Payable or Treasury for payment.
  • Collects A-133 or comparable audit information from qualifying subawardees.

Senior Financial Analyst (SFA)

  • Reviews all subaward invoices marked ‘Final’ for a given OGA project period to ensure that the expenditures are included in the financial report. The Analyst will have the final verification that the invoice posted correctly and will submit corrections as needed.

Updated October 2008