Facilities and Administrative Sharing


OHSU may receive a Sponsored Award for a project that will be conducted and/or administered by two or more Units. Because of the desire to support collaborative projects, it is important to have the Award budget separated into two or more Project budgets in order to establish defined fiscal authority and share in F&A recovery credit when collaborations exist. This procedure documents current practice and formally establishes the procedure to be followed when more than one Unit is collaborating on a sponsored project. This practice is highly encouraged to achieve consistent treatment and appropriate acknowledgment of collaborative arrangements across campus.

Below are a few reasons why multiple projects would be established:

  • F&A credit should be returned to Unit(s) other than the primary Unit due to collaborative relationships.
  • Fiscal authority needs to be established within two or more Units.
  • The Award will take place at two or more locations that have different F&A rates, such as the Primate Center and VGTI/NSI or the Primate Center and OHSU's Marquam Hill campus.



Award: An Award is a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract received from a sponsoring organization, which is used to fund one or more projects.

Award Owning Org: The Org name and number of the Unit that will be primarily responsible for the conduct and management of the Award. This includes both technical and fiscal aspects or award management. The Award PI generally resides in the Award Owning Org.

Facilities & Administrative (F&A or Indirect) Cost: F&A Costs are “those that are incurred for common or joint objectives and therefore cannot be identified readily and specifically with a particular sponsored project, and instructional activity, or any other institutional activity.” [OMB Circular A-21, Section E.1].

Project: A Project is a primary unit of work. In the Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA), an award funds one or more projects.

Project Owning Org: The Org name or number that will be primarily responsible for the conduct and management of the project, including both technical and fiscal aspects.

Unit: A school, institute, center, department or division.
1. Primary unit: Unit that has primary ownership of Award (Award Owning Org).
2. Secondary Unit(s): Exists if the sponsored project has multiple project owning orgs.



Unit: It is the responsibility of the primary Unit to properly acknowledge all participating Units involved in collaborative projects. The primary Unit is required to accurately specify on the PPQ if two or more projects within the Award are necessary and to obtain appropriate department signatures for each collaborating unit. The primary Unit will communicate with the secondary Unit(s) to develop, negotiate and document project budgets that determine the Unit to receive F&A credit and provide this information to RDA with the PPQ.

RDA Pre Award Offices: Research Development and Adminstration (RDA) has three Pre Award offices that oversee the review, negotiation, and submission of grant and contract applications.
1. Research Grants and Contracts (RGC)
2. Technology Transfer and Business Development (TTBD)
3. Clinical Trials Office (CTO)
The RDA Pre Award offices are responsible for ensuring that information is collected on OHSU's PPQ which request Awards have multiple project owning orgs and ensure proper approvals are collected as appropriate.

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA): SPA is responsible for utilizing the information provided by the RDA Pre Award offices in the Award Setup Packet. This information includes the PPQ and F&A sharing agreement to setup the appropriate OGA Awards and Projects. SPA is also responsible for producing and distributing reports to the Units related to the project level expenditures and F&A recovery.

Central Financial Services (CFS): CFS is responsible for using the Org information within the General Ledger (which is related to the Project) to return F&A recovery back to the Dean or Director Offices at a Unit (i.e. School, Institute and Center) level. It is then the discretion of the Dean or Director to return these funds down to the department and/or division level.



Impact of Award with Multiple Project Owning Orgs

1. Since F&A recovery return is based on the Project Owning Org, multiple units would receive F&A recovery.
2. Multiple budgets would be required and entered into OGA.
3. Fiscal authority would be assigned to each Project based on the Project Owning Org.

OGA Award and Project Set-Up

Awards are setup in OGA using information collected from the Proposed Project Questionnaire (PPQ). This information includes: the Award and Project Owning Org(s); documented agreements between Units as to the split of costs on the project (if applicable) and appropriate Unit(s) approval signatures. The primary Award owning department has the ability to specify if multiple projects should be established for one Award. In order for SPA to establish multiple projects, the primary Unit must provide two or more distinct budgets. It must make reasonable sense to split the Award budget and the distinct project budgets must be significant. Significant is defined as 10% or more of total award budget.