Effort Certification

To be in compliance with federal regulations, OHSU has developed an internal process for certifying the effort of all employees who work on federally sponsored projects. Effort certification is the assertion by an employee or responsible official that the work was performed over the given time period and that pay charged to a project was reasonable to the work performed.



OHSU Policy No. 04-90-010

Effort Certification Procedure Word Icon

  • Overview of OHSU's Effort Certification program - including requirements, definitions, roles and responsibilities, timelines, and resources


Timeline & Deadlines

January - June 2015 Effort Period

July - December 2014 Effort Period



ECS Acceptance Checklist

  • What OPAM looks for when reviewing Effort Certification Statements

Employee Effort Report Discoverer Query (Instructions)

  • Provides a snapshot of employee effort for any time period



Effort and Salary Cap Classes