Closing Accounts

NIH Closeout Requirements

Reminder of NIH Requirements for Submission of Financial, Administrative, and Scientific Closeout Reports in a Timely and Accurate Fashion (NOT-OD-09-128)

OGA Account Closeout Departmental Responsibilities

The goal within OHSU Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is to close projects in the Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA) system within 150 days of the project completion/end date. In order to close these accounts and ensure compliance, SPA asks that principal investigators and departments start the account closeout process within 45 days of the project end date. Departments are responsible for the following closeout duties:


Verify with the PI that all non-financial reports have been submitted to the sponsor. Reports may include: final progress reports, invention statements,technical reports, or any other report required by the sponsoring agency.

Cost Transfers

Work with their SPA analyst to transfer any ‘unallowable’ expenses to an unrestricted account or provide adequate justification of the expenses.


Work with their SPA analyst to move any remaining deficit or overdraft to an unrestricted account. If appropriate, it may be possible to move post-period expenditures to the continuation project.


Review the labor schedule for employees that were previously distributed to the project to ensure continuity of distribution. Since the Payroll Labor Distribution (LD) system defaults to a projects end date, any employees for whom LD distribution schedule was not updated to current funding will show in suspense.

Cost Sharing Commitments

Verify that all cost sharing commitments to the sponsor have been met. This should include verifying that cost shared payroll has been moved to any OGA cost share project.

IBS/Service Centers

Notify the IBS/Service Centers to discontinue the use of the project number and associated alias to prevent additional charges from being made to the account during the closeout process.

Invoices on Hold

Run the Invoices on Hold by Fund/Org Report in Oracle and work with Accounts Payable and Purchasing to resolve any holds.

Open Purchase Orders

Run the Open Encumbrances report in Oracle or Discoverer and work with the assigned purchasing buyer to have all remaining open purchase orders (including those with $0 emcumbrances) changed to the status of "Finally Closed."

SPA greatly appreciates departments' efforts to ensure that sponsored projects are closed in a timely manner. This will help to reduce the number of inactive accounts within the OGA system.