Oracle Grants Accounting Expenditure Settings

What are Expenditure Settings?

Expenditure settings enable Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA) to block certain expenditure types from being initiated on particular OGA projects.  It's a way to help guide the Oracle system to only process the type of expenditures that are allowed on projects based on sponsor or institutional terms and conditions, policies or regulations.


Why is SPA using expenditure settings?

SPA is utilizing expenditure settings to better guide appropriate expenditures onto sponsored project accounts.  Utilization of these settings will help prevent reimbursement for OMB A-21 "unallowable" expenses.  Also, significant time is spent during and at the end of a project, both by departmental and SPA staff to move expenditures that are not allowed on a particular type of account.  Stopping these expenditures up front will not only save time for everyone but ensure better compliance for OHSU.


When are these settings utilized in OGA?

SPA will generally activate these settings at the time of account setup; however, they can be added at a later date as needed.  A listing of the type of accounts on which expenditure settings are now in effect is below.


Will I be notified at the time of account setup that my account has expenditure settings?

Yes.  The list of expenditure types is included on the Notice of Account Setup.


What if I expect to have expenses that need to post to the expenditures type blocked?

Please work with your Sponsored Project Analyst.  The Sponsored Project Analyst has the ability to lift the expenditure settings as long as a detailed justification is provided.  The justification should include why the proposed expenses can be direct charged to a federal project, rather than be considered a typical indirect cost.


What happens if someone initiates a purchase or other charge with these settings in place?

When expenditures are initiated on projects where SPA has expenditure settings in place, an error message 'pops up' in Oracle letting the person know that "this transaction would violate a task level control" and the action cannot be saved.  View screen shots of this message for the various Oracle modules in which expenditures may be initiated.


What types of sponsored project accounts currently have these expenditure settings in place?

DHHS Individual Draw awards: Expenditure settings are applied to prevent accidental draw down of funds on expenses that would typically be considered "unallowable" per the A-21 circulars.  Expenditure types prevented from posting:

  • Books, Periodicals & Subscriptions
  • Cell Phone
  • Classified Wages
  • Drinking Water
  • Duplicating & Copying
  • Hosting Groups & Guests
  • Membership in Professional Organization
  • Office & Administrative Supplies
  • Postage
  • Telecom


ARRA (Stimulus) awards: Expenditure settings are applied to prevent accidental draw down of funds on expenses that would typically be considered "unallowable" per the A-21 circulars.Same types listed as in the DHHS Individual Draw awards.

Cost Sharing accounts where only payroll is being cost shared:Expenditure settings are applied to allow only payroll to be charged to these accounts.  No non-payroll expenditures will be able to be processed on these accounts.

Program Development Accounts (PDA's): Expenditure settings are are applied on these accounts to prevent patient or animal care related expenditures, per OHSU's PDA Guidelines.


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AP Invoice

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