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  • OGA Crosswalk 
    Updated 6/2/2015
    If the date on the Excel worksheet does not match the above 'updated' date, you may have to clear your internet cache.
    The "Auto-Filter" function has been activated in the spreadsheet so you can find your accounts more easily. Simply click the drop-down arrow at the top of the column you wish to filter and only the information associated with your selection will be presented (Note: Excel will only filter up to 1000 unique records, so make sure to narrow your search using org or project manager before filtering by award, project, or alias). For example, to view all accounts for a specific Organization, click the drop-down arrow at the top of the Project Owning Org column and select your Organization. The spreadsheet should then show only information regarding the Organization you selected. If you are having trouble finding your selection, please use the "Custom" function on the drop down list. Once you click "Custom" a box appears and you can enter the seletion you are searching for. This is a read-only file, please save a copy of the Crosswalk on your computer.
  • OGA Award Type to GL Fund Number