Electronic Submission

Grants.gov is the electronic submission system utilized by all federal agencies. Beginning January 1, 2013, all proposals submitted through Research Grants & Contracts are created and routed for approvals in InfoEd. Proposals that require electronic submission to Grants.gov are created and submitted in InfoEd as System-to-System (S2S) submissions. The NIH will complete the transition from its paper grant applications to electronic submission by June, 2014 for all application types. Paper applications will no longer be accepted. Consequently, it is important to familiarize yourself with the NIH's electronic submission process.  The NIH's Overview of Electronic Submission via Grants.gov  and  Applying Electronically  web pages are both helpful resources.



Any applications which can be submitted electronically to Grants.gov should be prepared using InfoEd. You may find the following links helpful for preparing InfoEd applications that are to be submitted to Grants.gov.:

If you have InfoEd-related questions, please contact RGC at rgcfaq@ohsu.edu (RGC Questions) or (503) 494-7784.


NIH Multi-project applications

NIH multi-project applications (U10s, P01s, P50s, etc) are the last program types to transition to electronic submission. Most multi-project mechanisms have already transitioned to electronic submission. Due to the complexity of these applications, the NIH has developed an electronic submission system for multi-project applications. These NIH mechanisms are now submitted through NIH ASSIST rather than paper format. InfoEd is not equipped to facilitate electronic submission for multi-project applications at this time. These proposals are routed for approval in InfoEd but built and submitted electronically using ASSIST. If you have a proposal that needs to be submitted using ASSIST, contact rgcfaq@ohsu.edu for training and help with building your application 


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