Outgoing Subawards

Required Documentation for Outgoing Subcontracts (needed at the time of application review)

The following documents are needed from each of the consortium/subcontractor site(s):

1. Subcontracting institution certification (one of the following):

a.  OHSU Subrecipient Commitment form (required with proposals due February 5, 2015 or later) 


b.  Statement of Intent or Willing Letter from the subcontractor organization indicating their willingness to collaborate on the project, signed by their authorized Institutional Official; include title of the application, subcontract PI, project dates, and total project costs (accepted for proposals with a  deadline prior to February 5, 2015)


c.  NIH ONLY - Signed PHS Face Page from subcontractor organization (accepted for proposals with a deadline prior to February 5, 2015)


2. Budget (on appropriate agency forms, if applicable)

    a. Detailed budget  including Facilities & Administrative (F&A)

         1.  The budget should utilize one of the following options for including subrecipient F&A costs:

  a.  Subrecipients Federally negotiated F&A rate


  b.  A reduced F&A rate below Subrecipients federally negotiated rate if desired.


  c.  A flat 10% di minimis rate if desired by subrecipient


  d.  A rate negotiated with OHSU – This option is available If the proposed subrecipient does not have a Federally  Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement  and thinks   that they can provide supporting documentation for a rate higher than the di minimis 10% F&A provided by the Uniform Guidance, contact the  Subrecipient Monitor at to request initiation of F&A negotiations.


  e. 0% F&A if the subawardee wants to waive it.

     b.  Budget justification  

3. Scope of work (recommended at application, required at time of award)

4. Biosketches for all key personnel

5. NIH checklist (if applicable)

6. Resources page (optional)

7. Other support (if applicable)

Incoming Subawards

Incoming subawards/subcontracts are handled by RGC in a manner similar to standard applications. Requirements vary based on the sponsor and the type of contract. Please contact your Grants & Contracts Administrator for specific information. In most cases, the following documents should be provided to RGC at the time of application review:

1. Application packet

2. Budget (for OHSU)

3. Scope of work (for OHSU)

4. Signed PPQ