ID Numbers for Non-OHSU Employees

How do you get an OHSU ID number for a non-OHSU employee?

The following outlines the steps necessary when a PI or project personnel does not have an offiicial OHSU human resources (HR) employee or non-employee record, at both the time of application and time of award.

 At the time of application or acceptance of award:

  • If a PI or individual on a proposal is not listed in InfoEd, email RGC Questions  and we will research and determine the cause. In most cases, individuals are missing from InfoEd because either their primary department has not been added to the InfoEd Org Hierarchy, or there is a piece of information missing on that individual's employee record. In either case, RGC will work with ITG to resolve those two scenarios.
  • After researching, if it is determined that the ID does not exist, the department should request a "Non-employee HR ID" by filling out the OHSU Employee ID Request Form

For PIs at the time of award setup:  Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) will request a Provider Code from Central Finance Services (CFS). The Accounting Enable form is used, which is available on the CFS web page.