Research Grants & Contracts

Research Grants & Contracts (RGC) is OHSU's pre-award administration unit.



Welcome to Research Grants & Contracts (RGC). Our job is to coordinate the pre-award processes for all sponsored project activities at OHSU. We are also the official body that submits grant applications to federal and other governmental agencies on behalf of the university.

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  • Introducing the new Office of Proposal & Award Management (OPAM)
  • The InfoEd RATE Community bridge site has been updated with discussion threads for known issues/bugs and system downtimes.  Signup for alerts, share resources and participate in community discussions monitored by RGC staff.
  • The NIH salary cap has been increased to $181,500 as of January 12, 2014.
  •  InfoEd is used for all applications submitted through Research Grants & Contracts as of January, 2013. Please contact your RGC Analyst if you have any questions or need assistance. Refer to Electronic Submissions for more information.
  •  For the most up-to-date information on how to resubmit proposals, refer to the NIH FAQs.

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