Consortium and Sub-Contract Questions

What documentation is required from consortium collaborators at the time of application? At the time of a non-competing renewal?

The following document are needed for new applications: 

  • Statement of Intent
  • Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period and subsequent budget periods entered in InfoEd.
  • Budget Justification
  • Checklist Page
  • Biosketches of key personnel and Significant Contributors
  • Letter of support from collaborating investigator (optional)
  • Resources page (optional)
  • Other subaward items that may be requested by prime applicant are signed Face page and/or F&A Rate Agreement from OHSU

No documents are required at the time of non-competing renewal. However, a Subaward Request Form must be submitted to RGC to execute the subsequent year of the subaward once the award notice for that year has been received.

When we are the recipient of a subaward from another organization, what documentation is required for setup?

For the set up of subawards into OHSU, the same process for checking compliance and award analysis is followed as is for other prime awards.The same requirements also apply at proposal submission.

Why should an Institutional Review Board (IRB) application be approved before a sub-contract is established? If info is being reviewed in the IRB why is the sub-contract held?

Subcontract negotiations are not held up pending Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. In fact, both processes can proceed simultaneously. However, since no funds may be expended until IRB approval has been obtained, account set-up will be held until full approval is in place..

If a sub-contract is not listed in the proposal, is it necessary to obtain sponsor approval?

Advance approval from sponsors for subcontracts is almost always required, particularly when subcontracting to foreign entities. You should contact your Grants & Contracts Administrator (GCA) whenever you are considering adding a sub-contract to a previously approved or awarded project.