Budget Development

All grants require some form of a budget, and generally a budget justification. The first step in developing your budget is to work with your department. Some departments have designated staff to help PIs develop and prepare their budgets, like grants and contracts administrators, financial analysts, or department administrators. It is imperative that you work with designated staff and let them know well in advance that you intend to submit a grant.  

The pages within this section of the website contain essential information about cost sharing, facilities and administrative cost rates, forms and templates, and frequently asked questions [link to budget FAQ] about how to accurately prepare and submit your proposed budget. For example, did you know that the NIH requires a modular application for most the grant mechanisms, but OHSU's Research Grants & Contracts (RGC) still requires you to submit a detailed budget with your grant application?  

RGC can also help assist PIs in developing a budget and answering specific questions.