Industry Sponsors

Welcome Industry Sponsors

We are looking forward to working with you to help make your trial a success.

How can the Clinical Trials Office help you?

Are you looking for an experienced OHSU investigator to conduct your trial?

Contact the CTO, and we will match you with an investigator for your trial. We have over 700 clinical investigators working in over 50 different therapeutic areas.

How can the CTO help with study start-up?

We assist sponsors, investigators, and research staff in getting trials up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our services include: 

  • Budget development - we ensure that discounted research rates are applied to your trial
  • IRB Submission - we handle the entire process in a timely and efficient manner, coordinating both the initial submission as well as responses to IRB queries until you receive final approval of your trial
  • Consent form development - our extensive experience with clinical trials and the OHSU IRB ensures that the consent form(s) and other documents for your study will meet all regulations as well as complying with both your and the OHSU IRB's requirements
  • OHSU internal documents & approvals - we coordinate with any additional clinical departments (hospital, nursing, laboratory services, etc.) as well with the contracts office and with other administrative units so the investigator can hit the ground running when IRB approval is received
  • Cancer Institute, Radiation Safety Committee Submissions, and other submissions - if needed, we handle these submissions simultaneously with our IRB submission to ensure the most efficient processing of your trial

Most importantly, the CTO acts as your primary contact during study start up. We are dedicated to the start-up process, leaving the coordinator free to plan recruitment and conduct of the trial.

You already have an OHSU investigator in mind and would like them to use the CTO - what's next?

If you are interacting with an OHSU investigator who would like to use our services, have him/her contact the CTO, or you can contact us directly and we will interface with the investigator.

Where can you find other information about research at OHSU?

Other resources to assist clinical trials sponsors are available through a link to OHSU's Research Development and Administration Office.

Please contact us:

Bridget Adams, MSHS, CCRA
Manager, Clinical Trials Office
Mailcode: SN4N
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland OR 97239
Tele: (503) 494-5077
Fax: (503) 494-9277

Rebecca Young, MA, CCRP
Senior Research Associate
Mailcode: SN4N
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland OR 97239
Tele: (503) 494-8102
Fax: (503) 494-9277