OHSU Farmer's Market

Farmers Market 2015The OHSU Farmer's Market is a great intersection of nutrition, healthcare, food security, sustainable food systems, small-medium sized agriculture, sustainable institutional purchasing and local retail & wholesale sales, marketing and business. The Farmer's Market is a great place for volunteers who have an interest in the many facets of food, business, science, education and healthcare. There are several available positions with the market. We train our volunteers to do a variety of jobs.

Interested? Contact: Eecole Copen, Market Manager, 503-494-8792

For more information visit the current list of open volunteer opportunities.


Research & Academic Volunteer Services connects potential volunteers to various opportunities, orients them to the complex OHSU environment, and guides them through the volunteer registration process. This program also links Research, Academic, and Central Services departments to interested volunteers.

Hours of Operation

Walk-in hours:


Locations can vary - contact us! We will either set up an appointment & location, or notify you of where our weekly "Walk-in Hours" session is being hosted.


\\nafs1\U105\robesean\Desktop\Andrew R Summers OHSUAndrew Summers is the type of individual who welcomes new experiences with boundless enthusiasm as a stepping-stone for reaching his goals. In the 14 months Andrew spent volunteering with Healthcare Volunteer Services on the Neurosurgery/ENT inpatient floor, to his two years volunteering with CRISP, Andrew was able to cement his decision towards becoming a medical student in the upcoming school year at OHSU. Andrew recognizes that the experiences, skills and connections he created as a volunteer have all served him well towards attaining his dream.

Volunteering at OHSU, Andrew found that his experience was not only eye-opening but rewarding. Andrew states, "the most satisfying part of being a volunteer is to get to see that what you do really makes a difference in the lives of patients. Spending the time to talk with and connect with patients can have a huge impact on how positive their experience is. Something as simple as holding someone's hand can put them at ease during a stressful time."

As Andrew exemplifies, volunteering can provide a safe harbor for trying your hand in new areas to gauge whether its something you really do want to pursue and expose you to other professionals in that field that have the connections to help make your transition a reality. If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a volunteer like Andrew check out our guide to registering as a volunteer. Read more stories like Andrew's here.