Research & Academic Volunteer Services

Experience and participate in the research and academic environment at OHSU


Research & Academic Volunteer Services connects potential volunteers to various opportunities, orients them to the complex OHSU environment, and guides them through the volunteer registration process. This program also links Research, Academic, and Central Services departments to interested volunteers.

Hours of Operation

Walk-in hours:

  • Tuesdays, 1pm-3pm
  • Or make an appointment by e-mailing RAVolunteer@ohsu.edu, subject: Appointment Request


Locations can vary - contact us! We will either set up an appointment & location, or notify you of where our weekly "Walk-in Hours" session is being hosted.

Volunteer Voices

Dave Crone, MMG Volunteer"I began my time in the Harding Lab being only vaguely familiar with how a research lab operates on daily basis," Dave Crone, former volunteer in the department of Molecular and Medical Genetics explains. "But with the goal of attending graduate school in the future and conducting research of my own, I wanted to become more familiar with the setting and culture. So for me, the experience in a research environment alone has been extremely satisfying." Crone, having just wrapped up his volunteer time this summer, found his time and exposure to the research setting to be beneficial "…Having the privilege to help with research on treatment for a disease is what I'm most thankful for. It's a great feeling to know that I was able to help, even if it was just a little bit, to make progress on improving the quality of life for what I hope ends up being many, many people."

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Spotlight Volunteer Opportunity

Social Media Curator


If you are a hardworking and inspired Communications, Digital Marketing, Marketing, English, or Journalism undergraduate student (or new graduate) in the Portland metropolitan area, with great writing skills and experience with social media, contact us today! The OHSU office of Research and Academics Human Resources, Research and Academics Volunteer Services program office, and the Office of International Affairs are seeking a shared Social Media Curator Intern. This intern will be responsible for authoring articles and blog posts, creating content for related websites, and other social media platform pages. The curations of materials are expected to promote relevant, meaningful, and valuable content in a manner that represents OHSU's goals and mission. The overarching goal is to diversify the current audience and engage new audiences through multi-sources of media.


Does this sound interesting to you? Click here to view our current list of volunteer opportunities for more information about eligibility, commitment requirements and how to apply!