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Mask-On Mandate in Effect 10/28/14 - 3/31/15

For volunteers whom medical clearance was required, and who have not recieved a 2014 season influenza immunization (either declined or not yet completed) will be required to mask up in patient care areas effective 10/28. This mandate has come from OHSU Occupational Health in response to an increased number of influenza cases being reported in the Portland Metro area.

You still have until 11/30 to either receive, decline or declare you had it completed elsewhere; however if you haven't actually received the vaccine are are located in a patient care area, you will be required to wear a mask.

Emails via Volgistics (see mail tab) will arrive to those who may be directly affected by this mandate.

Please direct questions to Occupational Health at 503-494-5271 or

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2014 Influenza Vaccine Campaign Open - Act by Nov. 30

flu_vaccination 2014-15If you were previously required to complete TB testing and/or an N-95 mask fitting then you are also required to have the flu immunization. To complete this requirement, you must take action in one of three ways:

  1. Prepare to receive the flu immunization
  2. Decline to receive the flu immunization
  3. Declare you received the flu immunization elsewhere


Prepare, decline or declare by visiting to create or access your MyHealth account (use Org Code 1508). Then, complete the seasonal flu immunization survey/questionnaire. If you decided to receive the flu immunization at OHSU, please choose from the opportunities available to get vaccinated.

If you are interested in receiving the immunization for your own health reasons (and not because it is required for your volunteer position), you are welcome to! Please complete the steps outlined above.

Questions? Marquam Hill: Occupational Health at 503-494-5271 //  West Campus: Sara Eide at 503-629-4031

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Volunteers Parking Options Expand - Any Diamond Permit Lot Permissible (All Fees Apply)

After the announcement of the parking subsidy discontinuation, RAVS was informed that volunteers are no longer bound to the three lots that were previously limited to park in previously. With appropriate fees paid, volunteers may now park in any 1, 2 or 3 diamond permit parking lot. Volunteers may create an online account with the OHSU Transportation & Parking website, allowing patrons to purchase 1, 2, and 3 diamond parking permits in advance, or purchase from the Marquam Hill Information Center, or Transportation and Parking Customer Service office day-of. For hourly parking, volunteers can continue to utilize nearby paystations in designated paystation lots. To learn more about what lots are available, and how to create an online account with Transportation & Parking, visit their website here.

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