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RAVS is now the Office of Visitors & Volunteers

Research & Academic Volunteer Services has re-branded and expanded its services to the new Office of Visitors & Volunteers effective July 1, 2016.

What has changed? The OVV no only registers research and academic volunteers, but unescorted visitors from across the entire OHSU institution. New sub classifications within the volunteer and unescorted visitor series have been identified, and are based on both the purpose the individual serves OHSU and the intent of the individual themselves.

What is your classification? 85% of all RAVS registered volunteers have been reclassified to Experiential Volunteers. Exceptions include those who are registered with OHSU and have pure altruistic intent for being here, and established professionals who are collaborating on high-level research projects.

What does this mean for you? Currently registered RAVS volunteers wont really see too much of a change. Even with the new classification, new badges are not being issued. Only new applicants going forward will see the external facing branding and classification changes. Keep logging your hours and be sure to update all your links and bookmarks to the new OVV website and social media outlets.

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