Guide to On-boarding Research Volunteers

Is the volunteer going to be participating in IACUC or IRB research?

1. Initiate step 1 of the RAVS Volunteer Registration process (e.g. Job Site Information form and Background Disclosure Request). Complete steps 2-7 while we are simultaneously registering them with our program.

2. Submit a Computer Access [and OHSU e-mail] request to ITG here (note that you will need the Volunteer's SSN and DOB) - select the "create a new account" link.

3. Request an Employee ID number (in order to register with IACUC/IRB later)

4. Ask the volunteer to complete a Conflict of Interest (CoI) Disclosure via Big Brain eCOI system Read more about Conflict of Interest on the OHSU Research Integrity website here

5. Ask the volunteer to complete all required training for the IACUC/IRB protocol, Examples include:

  • Big Brain Training - As Needed
    • Responsible Conduct of Research (Research section)
    • Responsible Conduct of Research Sub-topics (Research section)
    • eCRIS (Research section)
    • General and Laboratory Safety (Institutional Integrity section)
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Training (Institutional Integrity section)
  • Animal Training and Handling courses - See Department of Comparative Medicine website. Not sure which training the volunteer may need? Contact ORIO here

6. Be sure to track and document all completed training in a department file

7. Is your volunteer under the age of 18? Have the volunteer, their guardian and the volunteer supervisor review and sign the Guide for Hosting Minors in the Lab. Keep the signed version in the volunteer's file.

8. Once you have an Employee ID number you can register the volunteer to your IACUC or IRB protocol via the eIACUC or eIRB

9. Once the volunteer has been issued an ID badge from RAVS you should receive an "Activation Notice" notifying you that they are compliant with our program. If they are compliant with all additional training and registered with their perspective IACUC/IRB protocol (as outlined above) they can begin their volunteer assignment!


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