Guide to On-boarding Research Volunteers

Is the visitor going to be participating in IACUC or IRB research?

1. Initiate step 1 of the OVV Registration process (e.g. Visitor Information form and online registration form).

2. Once we have notified that you we have requested their background check, 24 hour later, request an Employee ID number/PO External (in order to register with IACUC/IRB and complete CITI training later)

3. OVV will have already requested CARS network computer access. Once their background clears we will give them instructions on how to change their initial password and log into Compass to complete the 5 trainings OVV requires (Respect at the University, HIPAA, Emergency Management Foundations, Integrity Foundations and Integrity Booster 2016).

4. When you see that we have emailed them their "Step 2 Registration packet" you may give them information how to complete additional training required training for the IACUC/IRB protocol, Examples include:

5. If needed, have them complete Animal Training and Handling courses - See Department of Comparative Medicine website. Not sure which training the volunteer may need? Contact ORIO here

6. Be sure to track and document all completed training in a hosting site file

7. Is your visitor under the age of 18? Have the visitor, their guardian, and the visitor supervisor review and sign the Guide for Hosting Minors in the Lab, and Parental Consent form. Submit these documents to OVV and keep in the hosting site file.

8. Once you have an Employee ID/PO External number you can register the visitor to your IACUC or IRB protocol via the eIACUC or eIRB

9. Once the visitor has been issued an ID badge from OVV you should receive an "Activation Notice" notifying you that they are compliant with our program. If they are compliant with all additional training and registered with their perspective IACUC/IRB protocol (as outlined above) they can begin their assignment!


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