Guide to On-boarding Clinical Volunteers

Is the volunteer going to be volunteering in or around a clinical area?

1. Initiate step 1 of the RAVS Volunteer Registration process (e.g. Job Site Information form and Background Disclosure Request). Complete steps 2-7 while we are simultaneously registering them with our program.

2. Does the volunteer need computer access? Submit a Computer Access [and OHSU e-mail] request to ITG here (note that you will need the Volunteer's SSN and DOB) - select the "create a new account" link.

3. Ask the volunteer to complete all relevant training for clinical areas:

  • Big Brain Training - Required
    (approximate time to complete all training below- 1.5-2 hours):
    • Hospital Compliance (Institutional Integrity section)
    • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response (Institutional Integrity section)
  • Compass - Required
    (approximate time to complete all training below - 2-2.5 hours):
    • Cardiovascular Health
    • Environment of Care
    • Working in Teams
    • Abuse, Neglect, and Domestic Violence 
  • Any Additional duty-specific training - As Needed

4. Provide the volunteer with a copy of OHSU's Patient Confidentiality Agreement (if applicable), and the OHSU Healthcare Professional Appearance Policy

5. Be sure to track and document all completed training in a department file

6. Vaccinations & TB Testing:

  • RAVS will guide volunteers through the process of obtaining Tuberculosis screening and N-95 mask fittings as required by Occupational Health (formerly known as Employee Health).
  • However, it is the responsibility of the Hosting Department to track and document Influenza vaccines - please ensure your volunteer is compliant with OHSU's Influenza Vaccination and Masking Policy.

7. Once the volunteer has been issued an ID badge from RAVS you should receive an "Activation Notice" notifying you that they are compliant with our program. If they are additionally compliant with all additional items outlined above they can begin their volunteer assignment!


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