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NOTICE (08/01/14): New Step 1 Registration Packet Cycle opens September 1, 2014

  • Any paperwork submitted to RAVS from August 1st - August 31st  will be processed in the order received starting the week of September 1st, 2014
  • Any new Step 1 Registration packets that are already in process or submitted before August 1st will continued to be processed in the order received
  • RAVS will host the two New Volunteer Orientations in August as scheduled
  • Any existing volunteer inquires or requests to re-activate volunteers will not be affected by this closure to new Step 1 Registration packets
  • RAVS closes to new Step 1 Registration packets in August and December annually

Learn how to register your new volunteer here.

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NOTICE (06/03/14): Parking Changes for Volunteers Effective July 1, 2014

Research & Academic Volunteer Services has been notified that the 50% off daily parking rate subsidy for volunteer parking will no longer be available in FY15. We had hoped for further internal funding to absorb (or supplement part) of the existing subsidy, but were unsuccessful at this time.

Currently, RAVS volunteers have been using a coupon code which gives them 50% off daily parking rates at OHSU pay stations. This coupon code will no longer be valid on July 1, 2014. If your area wishes to pay for your volunteers' parking in its entirety or provide them with a 50% discount via a department-paid subsidy, you are welcome to do so. The Parking and Transportation Office can set up a parking discount coupon code for your volunteers that fits with your needs and funding. Charges from the usage of your volunteers' coupon code would then be charged to your department via IBS billing. To set up your coupon code, please contact: Tony Mitchell at mitchelt@ohsu.edu or 503-494-1729.

Several other transportation options, many at discounted rates, are still available to our volunteers:

  • Tri-Met or C-Tran bus pass: Annual pass at the subsidized rate of $318/year (not eligible for the $50 employee rate)
  • Portland Street Car: Free
  • Biking: Eligible to participate in the 20/20 ride program
  • OHSU Shuttle: Free
  • OHSU Tram: Free

RAVS intends to notify the Research & Academic volunteer population later this week via the following ways:

Direct email to RAVS parking code users from the last 90 days

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NOTICE (02/27/14): Occupational Health Operation Hours Change

Occupational Health (OH) will be closed Monday, March 3rd and Tuesday, March 4th due to the implementation of a new database. Effective today, OH will not be placing 1st or 2nd step TB tests until Wednesday 3/5/14 due to the closure. Also of great note, OH will no longer be offering their walk-in hours on Wednesdays. Employees and volunteers will need to complete a series of "surveys" in order to be seen. This will be able to be done on any computer that is web based. The new process for RAVS to approve volunteers to be seen by OH is still be determined, more information will be forthcoming. In the meantime, you can have your volunteer contact Occupational Health via e-mail (occhealth@ohsu.edu) to schedule an appointment – please cc our program's box to ensure OH knows we approve of this volunteer seeking their services.

Please contact occhealth@ohsu.edu or RAVolunteer@ohsu.edu if you have any questions.

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NOTICE (12/2/13): Having Trouble Extending Your Volunteer's Computer Access?

If you did not use the CARS system to submit your volunteer's original computer access request, you will need to set up a profile for them before you can submit an extension request. How do you set up a profile for them in CARS? After you login, and select "Request Access," you will need to select a green link that says "Create a Contractor/Vendor/Temp Account." That link will open up a new browser window, asking you for basic information about your volunteer to create a profile. After you have submitted this information you can close this browser window, go back to the CARS system and then "Search" for your volunteer – they will now be found in the system, in which you can request to extend their access.

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NOTICE (5/10/13): Guide to On-boarding Shadows & Visitors Available

We heard you! By popular demand, RAVS has put together a guide on navigating the on-boarding process for visitors - both for visitors who are at OHSU less than 30 days, and those who are here longer than 30 days. This guide can be found under "Best Practices and Recognition" website under "Miscellaneous Resources." This guide is meant to be an additional resource, and does not take place of the formal OHSU Visiting Scientists and Other Affiliates Policy.

Check it out and let us know if it's helping!

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