Registration & Compliance Forms

Registration Forms

Please refer to "Step B: Registering A Volunteer" as to when and how to submit the following forms:

Miscellaneous Forms (needed on case-by-case basis)

Compliance Forms

What to Keep in Your Volunteer's File

Like employees, OHSU has a responsibility to keep a file on volunteers. While the Research & Academic Volunteer Services (RAVS) Office maintains records on volunteers, the hosting department/site is responsible for maintaining and tracking duty-specific documentation. Below is a guide to what is kept in the RAVS file, and what should be kept in the hosting department/site's file:

Hosting Department/Site:


  • All education, training and competency completion documentation (e.g. rodent handling training, MSDS review, EPIC training, etc.)
  • Ongoing education and/or training records (at least one training each year) with evident of the volunteer passing the training
  • Department specific orientation record
  • Performance Evaluations (Starting July 1, 2013 RAVS will keep this on file)
  • Corrective Actions or Plans of Assistance if applicable
  • (If volunteer is a minor) Signed Policy: Guidelines to Hosting Minors in the Lab


  • Volunteer Application materials (resume/CV, letters of reference, etc.)
  • Volunteer assignment offer letter
  • Copies of any documents kept in the RAVS file

See other parameters below for information of how contents should be kept & stored



  • Job Site Information form
  • Background Clearance (disclosure forms are shredded once clearance has returned)
  • Big Brain Certifications:
    - Respect at the University
    - HIPAA
    - Emergency Management
    - Integrity Education
  • Health & Safety Acknowledgment / Infection control education
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities form
  • Documentation of attendance at New Volunteer Orientation
  • Annual performance evaluations
  • Medical Documentation* [when required] (kept in a separate location than documentation above)
    - Tuberculosis Screening results
    - Postive PPD Questionnaire (if applicable)
    - Immunization Records


  • Exit interview

See other parameters below for information of how contents should be kept & stored

*Documentation initiated after 3/1/14 is now kept in ReadySet via the Department of Occupational Health; documentation collected prior to 3/1/14 is still kept in the RAVS file until 3 years after the volunteer is no longer actively volunteering.

Other Perameters:
  • All contents/ forms shall be appropriately filled
  • All forms shall be complete and accurate
  • There shall be no forms/ documents missing in the file
  • All forms shall be appropriately signed and dated by the volunteer, RAVS Program manager, Hosting Supervisor/ Coordinator in the specified locations as appropriate

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