Summer Registration

Summer Registration Schedule

Step 1 Paperwork Due

RAVS Orientation Dates / Step 2 Materials Due*

Start Date**


 After June 24, 2016 - All registration materials will be processed in the order received 

 *Orientation sessions will be held once a week in June, unless registration numbers don't warrant such frequency. Volunteers are INVITED to register for orientation –volunteers should not sign up before RAVS has requested them to do so.

**Start dates will only be honored by RAVS if each step of registration materials are turned in entirely completed by each deadline outlined above. Additionally, RAVS is not responsible for delayed background checks due to the volunteer's lack of participation, by OHSU's background check vendor Pre-Employ, OHSU Public Safety, or OHSU Human Resources. Delayed background checks, or incomplete registration materials (including medical clearance by Occupational Health), will interrupt the registration process schedule above. In the event that RAVS completes registering the volunteer before the outlined start date, the volunteer is welcome to start as soon as their receive their RAVS-issued OHSU ID badge.



Expediting Option

For Hosting Sites who would like to expedite their applicant volunteer's registration process, this summer, Hosting Sites can run their own background checks, and submit the background check clearance along with the Job Site Information form to receive quicker invitations to orientation.

Expediting Process:

1. Complete the background check:

a. Open the online background check request form:

b. In "Contact Information"  section list:

Manager Name: Amber Bruner

Manager Email Address:

c. In "Comments" section type: "Approved by RAVS" (updated 7/3/13)

d. Complete and submit the rest of the background check request online form

2. Submit the Background Clearance email from Public Safety along with a completed Job Site Information form to RAVS for processing

3. Shortly thereafter, your volunteer will receive a request to attend an upcoming orientation session

The benefit of Hosting Sites running their own volunteer's background checks is the ability to more closely watch the background check process, ensure their volunteers complete their portion in a timely manner, and identify and resolve any issues at a faster rate.

Submitted your Step 1 Paperwork for your volunteer? Learn when RAVS is processing it on our main Registration page.