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OVV Now Requesting PO External EID's

In partnered efforts with Compass Administration, OVV has come to the conclusion that OVV will need to request PO External ID numbersfor all incoming volunteers and visitors. We have piloted it this week (August 8th, 2016) with new applications, as so far it is going well!

What you will notice:

You will notice on your applicant’s step 2 emails their PO External ID number confirmation email attached – along with their CARS login information, our Step 2 registration packet, and the orientation schedule. Applicants will be instructed to set up their computer access account and access Compass through the O2. 

If you do not see the PO External ID badge number confirmation email attached to the step 2, then their step 1 materials were processed prior to this week (August 8th), and will still need to be requested by their hosting department if an EID is required for their position. Their compass instructions in our step 2 packet will ask them to create an external compass account, and he two will need to be merged later - email This alternative process will be phased out hopefully by or before mid-September.

Hopefully this new process will be smoother for all involved! However, if you are encountering issues or have any concerns, please contact us at

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OVV Changing Experiential Visitor Classification back to "Volunteer"

A recent change has come to us from OHSU Risk Management; in order for Experiential Visitors to be covered under OHSU’s workers compensation insurance, we need to call them “volunteers.” This news came coupled with a new worker’s compensation insurance carrier (more details to come). We are taking steps to re-brand all our forms, website, and other media to indicate the change to “Experiential Volunteers.” Please bear with us as we make this update. Per usual protocol, if your visitor or volunteer experiences an injury while performing in their visitor/volunteer role, please contact our office immediately ( or 503-494-4656).

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