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Announcing new Office of Visitors & Volunteers

Research & Academic Volunteer Services has expanded as of July 1, 2016 and now serves not only the OHSU research and academic volunteer population, but all unescorted visitors for the entire institution!

What does this mean for our registered volunteers?

Some of the RAVS volunteers titles are changing from an internal perspective - OVV is categorizing individuals based on their contributions to OHSU and their intent for joining us in our mission. However new badges will not be issued, nor will any other forms of external identification. Only newly incoming volunteers (and visitors) will be provided with external-facing identifiers reflecting these new titles.

Three categories for volunteers now exist:

  • Altruistic volunteers: Individuals who donate their time and service without compensation in an selfless effort to fulfill OHSU's mission. Particular skills sets are not typically required.
  • Skilled volunteers: Individuals who  are volunteering to provide OHSU will their professional expertise or skills on a very limited basis without compensation in a selfless effort to fulfill OHSU's mission. Additionally, these individuals do not have entitlement to future employment.
  • Experiential volunteers: Individuals who voluntarily participate in various activities to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to propel them towards their future professional or educational goals. These individuals may be unpaid, or compensated from an outside source or through OHSU Accounts Payable. They are also not receiving any academic credit from their home institution/school of there time at OHSU. Additionally, these individuals are not entitled to employment/ academic enrollment.


RAVS Volunteers will still log their hours on a weekly basis, and continue with their good work as originally assigned. The most important thing to note is the new name of the office, and updating your website and social media links to point to the new OVV channels.

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