Registration & Compliance Forms

Registration forms

Please refer to How to Register a Visitor or Volunteer to learn how, if, and when to submit the following forms:

Step 1 forms:

Visitor/Volunteer Information Forms:

Online Registration Forms (to be completed by the visitor/volunteer):

  • Altruistic and Skilled Volunteer Information form
  • Non-OHSU Interns and Experiential Volunteers form
  • Episodic Volunteer Information form (Not needed/required)
  • Visiting Scholars Visitor Information form
  • Step 2 Packet (to be distributed by OVV)

    Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Agreement (CIPA)

    Rights & Responsibilities form

    Compass Training

    • HIPAA
    • Respect at the University
    • Integrity Foundations
    • Integrity Education Booster
    • Emergency Management

    Sign up for OVV Orientation (excludes Visiting Scholars) via Compass

    Medical Clearance (if applicable)

    Minor Clearance Documents (if applicable)

     Compliance forms


    What to keep in your volunteers' files

    Like employees, OHSU has a responsibility to keep a file on volunteers. While the Office of Visitors and Volunteers (OVV) maintains records on volunteers, the hosting department/site is responsible for maintaining and tracking duty-specific documentation. Below is a guide to what is kept in the OVV file, and what should be kept in the hosting department/site's file:

    Hosting department/site:


    • All education, training and competency completion documentation (e.g. rodent handling training, MSDS review, EPIC training, etc.)
    • Ongoing education and/or training records (at least one training each year) with evident of the volunteer passing the training
    • Department specific orientation record
    • Performance Evaluations (Starting July 1, 2013 OVV will keep this on file)
    • Corrective Actions or Plans of Assistance if applicable


    • Volunteer Application materials (resume/CV, letters of reference, etc.)
    • Volunteer assignment offer letter
    • Copies of any documents kept in the OVV file

    See other parameters below for information of how contents should be kept & stored



    • Visitor Information form
    • Background Clearance Authorization documentation
    • Compass Training:
      • Respect at the University
      • HIPAA
      • Emergency Management
      • Integrity Foundations
      • Integrity Education Booster (annually)
    • Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Agreement
    • Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities form
    • Documentation of attendance at OVV New Volunteer Orientation
    • Annual performance evaluations
    • Medical Documentation* [when required] (kept in a separate location than documentation above)
      • Tuberculosis Screening results
      • Positive PPD Questionnaire (if applicable)
      • Immunization Records


    • Application form
    • Exit interview

    See other parameters below for information of how contents should be kept & stored

    *Documentation initiated after 3/1/14 is now kept in ReadySet via the Department of Occupational Health; documentation collected prior to 3/1/14 is still kept in the OVV file until 3 years after the volunteer is no longer actively volunteering.

    Other parameters:

    • All contents/ forms shall be appropriately filled
    • All forms shall be complete and accurate
    • There shall be no forms/ documents missing in the file
    • All forms shall be appropriately signed and dated by the volunteer, OVV Program manager, Hosting Supervisor/ Coordinator in the specified locations as appropriate

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