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Influenza Vaccine Campaign Season - Sept. 2017 - Mar. 2018: How to advise your visitors/volunteers

It's influenza vaccine campaign season again, and your volunteers may impacted. For visitors and volunteers who are located in patient care areas, they are required to take one of three actions:

  1. Obtain a TB test from an OHSU Vaccine Clinic;

  2. Obtain it outside OHSU and notify Occupational Health they have done so (documentation required); or

  3. Formally decline the vaccine and mask up when applicable

All of this information is to be tracked in ReadySet, and compliance will not be managed by OVV. However we will work closely with Occupational Health,and assist with communication efforts.

OVV has notified those directly impacted, but is inviting all visitors and volunteers to obtain a flu vaccine for their own health and wellness. Learn more about the Influenza vaccination campaign.

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