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Last updated 4/3/14

eIACUC Redesign coming Fall 2014

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For additional information regarding this redesign project, please contact Odessa Reilly at 503-494-4764 or reillyo@ohsu.edu


Semi-annual IACUC Inspections

Announcing the upcoming May-June semi-annual IACUC inspections of all areas on the Central and Waterfront Campus (CWC) where animals are housed, used or taken will begin on May 1 and will continue through June.

Below are some of the things Committee members may look for or ask you about when they visit your lab:

  • Your IACUC protocol and how you can access it
  • How often the lab personnel meet with the PI to discuss modifications to the IACUC protocol or review the IACUC protocol
  • Most recent certification of anesthetic vaporizer (annual certification required)
  • Proper scavenging of volatile anesthetics
  • Rodent Use Area sign posted next to areas where animal work is done
  • Survival surgery area (make sure that there is a sterile field above the surgical area)
  • Proper storage of controlled drugs, including a drug use log
  • Unlabeled containers, expired drugs
  • Carcass disposal
  • Proper protective equipment (PPE, attire), for ABSL1, ABSL2, ABSL3 work
  • Proper transportation of animals to and from the lab
  • Documentation of monthly flushing of eye wash stations in labs

Upcoming Events

NWABR Upcoming 2014 Annual Gala

New education resource!

The IACUC is pleased to offer training and education for animal researchers from the AALAS Learning Library.  You can read more about it and access the Learning Library from our education page.

Questions?  Contact the IACUC staff.

Central and Waterfront Campus (CWC): call (503) 494-8408 or
West Campus (WC): call (503) 466-3800 or