The CRBO will be providing training/education for eCRIS, the electronic Clinical Research Information System that the research community at OHSU will be utilizing for administrative management of clinical research studies.  Completion of a Big Brain Module is required for research team members, including all investigators, prior to accessing eCRIS. In person training is also required prior to using eCRIS for research coordinators and financial research staff.


For procedural issues and questions about how to use eCRIS, email eCRISSupport@ohsu.edu.

This is monitored M-F from 8-4.  If urgent, use an urgent flag on the email.  A response will be made within 4 hours.  For non-urgent emails, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

For technical issues, such as frozen screens, error messages, etc., use http://erahelp


The Clinical Research Billing Office (CRBO) provides training and education for eCRIS. The following steps are required to access eCRIS:

·Step 1:Take the eCRIS Big Brain training module.

·Step 2:If you do not currently have eIRB access,request an eIRB and eCRIS account.

·Step 3: All study staff (not investigators) must complete in-person training. After each research staff member completes the online training, CRBO will contact them to schedule the required in-person training.  To sign up for a class, log into Training Force, go to "View" and choose "Courses".  Enter eCRIS in the Course no. field and then choose eCRIS: Electronic Clinical Research Information System and select the date of the course you'd like to attend.

It is advisable to wait until you know you will have a new study to enter or work on in eCRIS before signing up for a class.  This will make the training more meaningful and allow you to use what you learn soon after the class. Optional one-on-one training is available for

  •  Setting up new studies
  •  Setting up amendments
  •  Enrolling subjects and visit completion
  •  Other eCRIS help

 Email eCRISSupport@ohsu.edu to schedule.


Additional information about eCRIS, including the rollout timetable, can be found at the eCRIS website at http://www.ohsu.edu/crms


Knight Cancer Institute users:  The Knight Cancer Institute has additional requirements for their oncology studies.  Please see the Knight KCTO Bridge page

Clinical Research Billing Training

The CRBO provides education and training for compliance in billing for clinical research services performed by OHSU personnel.  This is done through town halls, e-modules, one-on-one, and small group training.  Please email CRBO@ohsu.edu to set up individualized training for your department.

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