Helping Nurses Help Smokers

Don’t be Silent About Smoking

If the 2.2 million working nurses in the US each helped one person per year quit smoking, nurses would triple the US quit rate.

Patients trust nurses. More will begin to quit when you help.

The Helping Nurses Help Smokers program provides unit-based education, continuing education programs, and tools to help nurses begin the quitting process with their patients. Talking to patients about smoking matters.  Smoking affects patients’ healing and recovery as well as their overall health. 

Most smokers have tried to quit before, usually on their own without help, and failed.  Hospitalization is an important opportunity to provide treatment that patients wouldn’t otherwise seek.

For more information on the program, to request a presentation, or to inquire about continuing education, contact the Tobacco Cessation Consult Service by phone at 6-0027.

Helping Nurses Help Smokers Toolkit 

The Helping Nurses Help Smokers Toolkit has been designed by nurses to help implement the “Ask, Educate, Refer” steps.  These handouts and factsheets are in Adobe format and can be downloaded and used as needed.

Nurses Guide: a 1-page, double-sided guide to help nurses implement the “Ask, Education, Refer” program.  Provides tips and information about why treatment in the hospital is important, what steps nurses can take, how to start the conversation with patients, and treatment tips.

 “A Message From Your Nurse”: A 1-page patient education handout. Contains the key talking points for patient education by nurses, includes the toll-free number for the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line, and can be left with the patient for future reference.

Talking Guide: A 1-page guide with talking points to use with patients in different stages of readiness to quit smoking.

Treatment Tips: A 1-page, double-sided summary of for nurses to help with a variety of treatment questions Including how to use the tobacco cessation medications.

FAQ’s: Frequently asked questions and answer for nurses about providing tobacco cessation for patients.

Helping Nurses Help Smokers: This Power Point presentation provides an overview of the program’s goals, why provide treatment for hospitalized patients and how to “Ask, Educate, Refer”.
PDF Version

Poster:  This cheerful 8 ½” x 11” poster is designed to be placed in nursing areas to help promote the program.


Oregon Tobacco Quit Line: The Oregon Tobacco Quit Line is a toll-free, telephone-based assistance program that helps tobacco users quit.