SCC Collaborative Projects

Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network (TCLN)

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The Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network is a national collaborative knowledge network sponsored by the OHSU Smoking Cessation Center. The TCLN includes leaders in all 50 states, some international countries, and from many national tobacco control agencies. The mission of the Network is to help increase the capacity in every state to establish effective, sustainable, and affordable cessation services to help tobacco users quit and stay quit. We seek to do this by linking state and national cessation leaders together to share information, resources and strategies, thereby enabling programs in each state to become more comprehensive and successful.  Partial funding for the TCLN comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office on Smoking or Health.

A recent project of the TCLN is "Bringing Everyone Along: Reaching Smokers with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders." This project, funded with grants from the American Legacy Foundation and the CDC Office on Smoking and Health, developed and distributed a Resource Guide Supplement to assist health professionals and tobacco treatment specialists to more effectively work with patients and clients with a history of mental health and/or substance use disorders.

The “Medicaid Partnership Project” is another recent project. This project features case studies from 6 states using a variety of strategies to improve access and use of tobacco cessation benefits for the Medicaid population. These case studies, summary recommendations, and conference call summaries can be found on the TCLN website.

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Helping Benefit Oregon Smokers  (HBOS)

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The HBOS is a collaboration of health plans and members of the health community to review effective tobacco cessation benefits and develop a consensus about the most effective “Oregon benefit.” This project, sponsored by the Oregon Tobacco Prevention and Education Program, is in response to recent legislation requiring fully insured health plans to cover a minimum of $500 of tobacco cessation benefits. 

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