SCC Staff


Wendy Bjornson, MPH , Co-director of the SCC, was a Co-Principal Investigator and Director of Cessation Interventions in the International Lung Health Study. She is primarily responsible for collaborative tobacco cessation policy and treatment implementation.  Ms. Bjornson was responsible for the initial development of the Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon. Subsequently she was responsible for a regional tobacco cessation consortium known as the Pacific Center on Health and Tobacco and then a national consortium known as the Comprehensive Tobacco Cessation Leadership Project. She regularly collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control Office on Smoking or Health to provide technical support for cessation initiatives within state tobacco control programs. Ms. Bjornson has been member of the National Advisory Committee for the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center, providing a natural partnership with the SCLC Smoking and Mental Health Project with the TCLN project: Bringing Everyone Along: Reaching Smokers with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders.

David Gonzales, PhD is Co-director of the SCC and a Senior Researcher responsible for clinical trials and professional training. Since 1988 he has been providing treatment to smokers and researching pharmacologic and behavioral interventions for nicotine dependence treatment. He has been principal investigator on trials of pharmacotherapies such as nicotine replacement, bupropion, rimonabant, dopamine receptor antagonists, a nicotine vaccine and varenicline. He has provided consultation to state and local tobacco control programs, the Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network, Native American and Alaskan Native Area Health Boards, and Native American tribal health clinics throughout the US.