About SCC

About Us

Hatfield Research Center

Mission: Founded in 1992, the mission of the Smoking Cessation Center is to improve treatment of tobacco use dependence through research, training, and policy applications. We do this through collaborative projects on policy and treatment implementation, through clinical trials of behavioral and pharmacologic interventions and through education and consultation on evidence-based treatment.

Our specialty areas:

  • Clinical trials of pharmacotherapies.
  • Studies of smoking and quitting patterns, pharmacology use and reuse, relapse prevention, smokers with COPD, gender response to pharmacologic and behavioral interventions, and spirituality as an aid to quitting.
  • OHSU Tobacco Free Campus Initiative and hospital consult service
  • ¬†Smoking cessation health plan benefits
  • Health System Implementation

Specialty Populations:

  • Smokers with mental illness and substance use disorders
  • Hospitalized smokers

Training Programs:

Our training programs guide health professionals in the translating of leading edge research findings into clinical practice. Some of the audiences that have been reached through our training programs include:

  • Medical and nursing students
  • Medical clinic and hospital staff
  • Pharmacy and dental professionals
  • Mental health and substance use professionals ¬†
  • Native American and Alaskan Native clinics and staff.
  • Health professionals serving Native Americans throughout the United States including Native American and Alaskan Native Area Health Boards, and Native American tribal health clinics.

Consultation Services:

We regularly consult with health and other professionals on tobacco related research, treatment, training, and policy issues.