Challenge 1

How will you score in safety?

Choose the answer you think is correct. 

1. You're riding bikes with a friend, who says you look like a dork in your bicycle helmet. You...

a) Get mad and tell your friend that he always looks like a dork, with or without a helmet.

b) Ignore the comment, but never wear your helmet again.

c) Keep wearing your helmet when you ride--except when you're with this friend.

d) Continue to always wear your helmet when you ride.

2. You won't get hurt if you fall off the monkey bars or swings onto the grass because it's so soft. 

a) True 

b) False

3. The brain ______________  connects the brain to the spinal cord.

a) Cerebral cortex

b) Spinal fluid

c) Stem

d) Cerebellum

4. You're at a friend's house after school.  He goes into the next room and comes back with a gun and dares you to hold it.  You...

a) Call another friend and ask him to come over and see the gun too. 

b) Decide you can handle the situation yourself by telling your friend to put the gun down.

c) Decide it's OK to handle the gun just for a minute because your friend says it isn't loaded. 

d) Don't touch the gun, tell your friend to put it down, and immediately get an adult.


5. The first time you go into the water, your __________ should always enter first.

a) knees

b) head

c) feet

d) hands

6. When riding your bike, you should do the following: 

a) Look left, right, left before entering the road.

b) Wear a helmet.

c) Ride on the sidewalk or in the bike lane

d) All of the above. 

7. You're Rollerblading with your friends, who dare you to speed down a really steep hill. You...

a) Say OK just because you're too embarrassed to say no.

b) Dare her to do it instead

c) Up the dare by offering to shut your eyes for part of the time.

d) Listen to your common sense and say no because you know how dangerous it is.

8. You're playing catch with a friend outside your house and your ball rolls into the street.  Your street is very busy, so your parents won't let you cross it by yourself.  But your parents are busy inside your house, so you...

a) Think "just this time won't hurt"; and chase the ball after looking both ways

b) Ask your parents to get it even though they seem really busy.

c) Ask your friend to get the ball.

d) All of the above are correct.

9. When you ride in a car that has airbags, you don't need to buckle your seat belt. 

a) True

b) False

10. ___________should always be considered really important in any sports activity.

a) Talent

b) Excitement

c) Safety

d) Winning no matter what

11. You only need to wear a life jacket in a boat if you want to. 

a) True

b) False

12. You're tossing a football with a friend in your front yard when the neighborhood bully comes over to pick a fight.  He calls you names and pushes you, and you...

a) Push him right back.

b) Stand there and take it.

c) Ask your friend to help you fight this guy. 

d) Go get your parents or another adult.

13. Your _______________ is about 17 inches long, as thick as a thumb, and allows your brain to communicate with your whole body.

a) Central nervous system

b) Cerebral Cortex

c) Coccygeal

d) Spinal Cord

14. Which of the following is NOT safe when riding a bike: 

a) Wearing headphones

b) Caring a friend on your handlebars.

c) Riding at night without light-colored, reflective clothing or bike reflectors.

c) All of the above. 

15. After taking the ThinkFirst Challenge, I will make smarter choices so I can stay safe while I'm having fun.  

a) True

b) False


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