Current Studies

CTraIn provides primary care, medication and transitions support for uninsured and Medicaid-insured patients.

ORPRN is currently partnering with rural primary care clinicians throughout the state of Oregon to study clinical interventions, behavioral health, practice transformation, and community engagement.

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A Community-based Assessment of Skin Care, Allergies, and Eczema (CASCADE)

PI: Eric Simpson, MD, MCR
Topic: Pragmatic, community-based randomized trial to determine the effect of skin care education on the development of atopic dermatitis.

Behavioral Health Home Learning Collaborative (BHH LC)

PI: Elizabeth Waddell, PhD
Topic: Understand capacity and needs for integration of behavioral health and primary care across multiple settings with emphasis on reaching clinical quality measures.

Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPC)

PI: David Dorr, MD
Topic: Demonstration project with learning collaboratives, webinars and practice coaching across nine milestones geared to achieve the Triple Aim.

Connecting Research and Real Life: Building a Network in the Columbia River Gorge (CR2RL)

PI: Melinda Davis, PhD; Kristen Dillon, MD
Topic: Creation of regional network of service providers, health system leaders and community members who are committed to developing and implementing research that addresses the health care needs of the communities in the Columbia River Gorge.

CPCRN Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Microsimulation (Microsimulation)

PI: Stephanie Wheeler, PhD, Melinda Davis, PhD site PI
Topic: Explores regional patterns in colorectal cancer screening and uses a microsimulation model to determine which evidence-based interventions would have the greatest return on investment to implement.

Disparities in CRC Screening: A Mixed Methods Multi-level Study of Oregon's Medicaid Population (Disparities)

PI: Melinda Davis, PhD, Cynthia Mojica, PhD, OSU
Topic: Mixed methods study to explore the association between practice-level screening rates for colorectal cancer and clinical workflows.

Enhancing Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screenings across Oregon's Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs)

PI: Melinda Davis, PhD
Topic: This study is designed to study regional variation in colorectal cancer screening rates using Oregon’s All Payer All Claims data and comparative case studies with Oregon’s CCOs.



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