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ORPRN brings rural clinicians together.ORPRN welcomes new clinician and clinic members. We value the contributions of each network clinician participant and we are committed to assure that value is derived from participation. Our PBRN is the antidote to the intellectual isolation associated with busy primary care practices.

Membership benefits

Membership expectations

  • Complete a biennial membership survey
  • Actively listen to ORPRN staff when they propose potential participation in research projects
  • Meet with your regional ORPRN Practice Enhancement Research Coordinator (PERC)
  • Consider attending our annual conference

ORPRN connects members and recognizes their accomplishments.The main criteria for membership is a desire to improve the quality of care you provide and that you work in a primary care setting. ORPRN has two types of members: “participating members” and “voting members.”

Participating members are located in urban areas and enjoy all privileges associated with membership except for the right to vote on Steering Committee issues. Voting members are primary care clinicians with a practice located in an area defined as rural by either the Oregon Office of Rural Health or the federal Rural Urban Commuting Areas (RUCA) system.

Learn more about these two definitions.

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For more information on joining ORPRN, please contact us at 503 494-0361 or .