Recruitment Services for Rural Oregon

Recruitment Services for Rural Oregon

The Oregon Office of Rural Health is a trusted resource for candidates and sites.

Our team offers assistance to rural and underserved urban facilities including:

  • Posting opportunities and matching with candidates on 3RNet
  • Accessing loan repayment incentives
  • Connecting you to recruitment and retention resources and more

Our team is also a resource for primary care clinicians including:

  • Connecting you with opportunities in rural and underserved communities
  • Guiding you through loan repyament programs
  • Assisting you with career planning and more

    Site Services
    Candidate Services

The New Country Doctor: Living and Practicing in Rural America

The New Country Doctor: Living and Practicing in Rural America is a short film that celebrates the joys and rewards of working as a medical provider in rural communities, and of the opportunity for cooperation, innovation, and deep connection that small towns provide.

The not-for-profit film was produced and directed by filmmaker Carl Davis, who, after growing up on a small farm in Northern California and being the son of a nurse at the small local hospital, has had a long standing interest in rural healthcare, and the critical need for medical providers in small communities. 

Carl can be reached at with any questions, or distribution opportunities. 


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