Rural Practitioner Tax Credit for MDs, DOs, DPMs, NPs, PAs and CRNAs

Provider Tax Credit for MDs, DOs, DPMs, NPs, PAs and CRNAs

Program Criteria

The Oregon Legislature updated the program criteria in the 2013 Session. The following links outline the criteria for these two time periods: 

  1. Up to December 31, 2013 (includes Tax Year 2013)
  2. Beginning January 1, 2014 (includes Tax Year 2014 and beyond)

How soon after I submit my application or renewal can I expect a response?

You can expect to receive confirmation of your eligibility within four weeks during the months of January, February, and March and within two weeks the rest of the year.


The ORH offers a map of all Rural Practitioner Tax Credit Recipients throughout the state, as well as one highlighting just Physicians.

Abbreviated Terms

MD - Doctor of Medicine
NP - Nurse Practitioner
DO - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
PA - Physician Assistant
DPM - Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
CRNA - Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist