Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative

Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative (SHOI)

SHOI gives students the opportunity to make a difference in an underserved community in Oregon. Many of the underserved communities in Oregon are rural. During your time as a SHOI scholar, it is beneficial for you to explore both urban and rural practice opportunities to maximize your chances of securing employment at an eligible site to meet your service commitment. Below are some ways you can connect with rural communities while you are at OHSU.

OHSU groups can help you navigate and connect with the rural world.

For All Students

  • All SHOI scholars are encouraged to join the Inter-professional Rural Health Interest Group (RHIG)
  • Talk to your program faculty about bringing in rural speakers, rotations, or arranging other rural enrichment experiences.
  • Connect with OHSU’s Campus for Rural Health by contacting Amy Dunkak, Operations Director:
  • Connect with Oregon’s regional Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) to find out what they can do for you. Each AHEC has different programs and resources, so please reach out and talk to them about your interests and needs. See AHEC regional profiles for descriptions and contact information.

By Program

  • Medical students:  Apply for the Oregon rural scholars program. Contact Robyn Liu:
  • Family Nurse Practitioner students:  Apply for the rural training track. Contact Gary Laustsen: 
  • Physician Assistant students: Apply for the rural training track. Contact Claire Hull:
  • Dental students: Contact Eli Schwartz for more information:

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