PCLF Service

Primary Healthcare Loan Forgiveness Program (PCLF) Service Obligation

PCLF gives students the opportunity to make a difference in rural Oregon. During your time as a rural track scholar, it is beneficial for you to explore rural communities and practice opportunities to maximize your chances of securing employment at an eligible site to meet your service commitment.

What is the PCLF Service Commitment?

  • One year of clinical service in an approved rural Oregon practice site in exchange for each year of funding granted
  • Service shall begin no later than 90 days following completion of a primary care residency, physician assistant or nurse practitioner training program
  • Participant must provide a minimum of 32 hours/week of clinical practice in an approved rural Oregon site
  • Eligible practice sites will be located in a rural federally designated HPSA, MUA or an Area of Unmet Need as designated by the Oregon Office of Rural Health

Career Planning

ORH provides support for PCLF students by helping you identify and connect with eligible rural practice sites as well as monitoring your employment hours while you are fulfilling your service commitment.

Students and residents will receive annual check-in and reminder emails from our office, asking about your practice interests and preferences. We’ll refer you to posted opportunities based on your preferences and do outreach on your behalf, as needed.

You can access rural job postings on www.3RNet.org/locations/Oregon and our office will forward other eligible opportunities but it is beneficial for program participants to research clinics in communities of interest to expand your options.

We’re also available to meet with students individually. Contact us at | 503-494-4450 | toll-free 866-674-4376.

It is important to remember that PCLF scholars are ultimately responsible for securing their own employment at an eligible service site, but we are here to help you connect with as many opportunities as possible.

Eligible Sites

ORH can explain and provide examples of the types and locations of PCLF eligible service sites for your profession and specialty. If you have a site in mind, and you are not sure about their eligibility, contact ORH and we can confirm for you.

Frequently Asked Questions