Loan Forgiveness

Loan Forgiveness

Loan Forgiveness Programs

What is loan forgiveness?

Loan forgiveness is an incentive for students who receive funding during their education in exchange for a future service obligation. Participants must contract with an eligible site to forgive their loan within 90 days of graduation (or completion of residency).

What is loan repayment?

Loan repayment is an incentive for qualifying clinicians already in the workforce. Providers must be working (or contracted to begin working) for an eligible site before they can apply to receive this funding to repay existing loans in exchange for a service commitment.

Information for Students on Loan Forgiveness Programs

Primary Health Care Loan Forgiveness Program (PCLF)

Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative (SHOI)

Other Loan Forgiveness

Information for Practice Sites on Loan Forgiveness Programs

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