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Our mission is to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of health care for rural Oregonians.


Loan Repayment Programs


The Office of Rural Health helps communities address healthcare workforce shortages in Oregon’s rural and underserved communities. We help communities recruit and retain qualified and committed healthcare providers. As an incentive to new healthcare providers interested in practicing in rural and underserved areas, the Oregon Office of Rural Health administers two loan repayment programs. Whether you are a rural facility or an interested student or provider, we provide information about the Oregon and Medicaid Primary Care Loan Repayment programs, as well as other loan repayment options.

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RT @OR_EconAnalysis: Did you know the Columbia Gorge (OR side) is home to 4% of the US' entire wind and hydroelectric energy capacity? http…

Proud to be a member of this group of innovative, kind-hearted folks. @3RNet your trusted resource for recruiting. http://t.co/iiCp3hyhML

Recruitment 101 training starts tomorrow with fellow rural recruiters at the annual 3RNet Conference. #3RNet #Denver http://t.co/pTbPM8oBNI

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Meet & greet with our rural scholars @COMPNW Osteopathic Medicine school in Lebanon. #ruralhealth #loanrepayment http://t.co/Y3IL1mUza4

Oregon PCO is ready to support sites in re-certifying @NHSC. Contact meadow.martell@dhsoha.state.or.us or (541) 287-0098 before applying.

LCSW opportunity in a coastal community. #RinehartClinic #socialwork http://t.co/3W6hiGqkk2

Integrate mental/physical healthcare as an LCSW in rural Oregon. http://t.co/GZQH2Drqya #socialwork #transformation

Coming soon! Up to $120K in Loan Repayment http://t.co/G0gvlZUFQL via @NHSCorps

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Merkly awards over $900,000 to community health centers in Medford, North Bend, Clackamas and Multnomah County http://t.co/nQxf62oqUb

Nurse Practitioner opportunity at North Bend Medical Center in Coos Bay. http://t.co/MgFbwsHvUN #familymedicine #ruralhealth #loanrepayment

Integrate mental/physical healthcare as an LCSW in a frontier community. http://t.co/GZQH2Drqya #meaningful #transformation #ruralhealth

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