Nominations Sought for the 2015 Oregon Rural Health Hero of the Year Award

2014 HERO

The Oregon Office of Rural Health at Oregon Health & Science University is seeking nominations for the 2015 Oregon Rural Health Hero of the Year Award. The award will honor an outstanding person, program or organization that has improved the quality and availability of health care in rural communities.

Health care is changing rapidly, but no matter how it changes, it will always be about people. Throughout Oregon, there are individuals and organizations making sure that health care remains focused on people. These heroes make our communities great places to live, and you can recognize their contributions by nominating them for the Health Hero of the Year.

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Telehealth Pilot Project


The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Oregon Office of Rural Health (ORH) are pleased to announce the awardees for the telehealth pilot projects. The projects are supported by the federal State Innovation Model (SIM) grant, which Oregon received to fund innovative projects that support the State’s health care system transformation efforts.

In October 2014, OHA, in partnership with ORH, requested letters of intent from organizations interested in conducting for telehealth pilot projects that improve care coordination; increase individuals’ access to their own health data and engagement in their care; expand system capacity; and achieve efficiencies in health care delivery.

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