ORHQN: Needs and Objectives


Why Is There a Need for the ORHQN?

  • Because of demands for transparency.
  • Because rural providers are held to urban-driven standards and requirements.
  • Because rural healthcare providers are isolated from education and peer learning opportunities.
  • Because the small population base in rural communities creates challenges that are often impossible to meet community by community.
  • Because we need each other.

Rural healthcare providers, working in collaboration with a network of hospitals and other providers, are able to achieve patient outcomes they could never meet on their own. In general, rural providers lack the infrastructure to develop quality improvement departments equivalent to their urban counterparts. But, networks create a way to pool resources and gain economies of scale. Moreover, no single hospital or healthcare provider could have as strong of a voice as an entire network can.

ORHQN Objectives

  • Ensure that meaningful external peer review is available to all rural healthcare providers.
  • Create rural industry data that is meaningful and credible.
  • Enhance quality improvement processes.
  • Make rural-appropriate best practices and protocols readily available.
  • Facilitate peer learning and mentoring opportunities.
  • Assist rural healthcare providers to get out in front of public demand for information on quality of care.
  • Support providers with information for marketing and P.R. purposes.
  • Successfully submit grants available only to networks or collaboratives.
  • Jointly purchase needed equipment and services.