Oregon Rural Healthcare Quality Network


Welcome to ORHQN

Since 2005, the Oregon Rural Healthcare Quality Network (ORHQN) has operated a non-profit collaborative of 25 small rural hospitals and rural healthcare community stakeholders dedicated to improving quality and safety. ORHQN believes that the key to improving healthcare lies in focusing on what matters to patients and the public, and that the surest way to achieve higher quality outcomes lies in bringing together providers, their hospitals and the communities they serve across the state to work together and share resources.


The ORHQN members shall lead the nation in establishing rural quality standards and benchmarking to improve and promote a healthy community.

  • Create the future
  • Stay ahead of the curve
  • Leading edge
  • Right thing to do


The ORHQN will optimize healthcare quality and safety in every rural community by connecting healthcare providers through the network and by sharing knowledge and resources with each other and the communities they serve.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide current and timely information to members on a consistent basis to facilitate growth and learning.
  • Foster connection and collaboration between members to promote partnerships in a seamless network.
  • Promote patient safety and prevention of adverse healthcare events to assure that rural Oregonians receive the best care in the state.
  • Provide the tools and coordination to engage healthcare consumers and community members in assessing their local services, and, in turn, make publicly available the results of how this input is used to improve safety and quality outcomes.