ORHQN: Current Programs


Case Review Program

The ORHQN, in a partnership with the Oregon Office of Rural Health (ORH), has developed an external case review process and provides this service to participating member hospitals on a fee-for-service schedule. Through this network, they offer a true peer-to-peer, objective, and rural-appropriate medical opinion. They provide a safe and confidential environment for peer physicians to share opinions, personal learning, current information, and education. The ORHQN believes creating a safe peer-to-peer learning network, with physicians supporting physicians, is key to improving the safety and quality of patient care delivery. The ORHQN coordinates and provides oversight of the case review process, and provides a confidential and balanced rotation among participating network providers. Confidentiality is protected and maintained. However, to encourage peer-to-peer learning, they also provide an option for dialogue between peers, if both parties agree.

Case Review Training

Site Coordinator Training

Reviewer Training

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TeamSTEPPS Information

Quality Health Indicators Benchmarking Program

The ORHQN offers a web based benchmarking tool linked with the Kansas State Hospital Association and 235+ other small, rural hospitals spread over 16 states.

Member hospitals submit clinical quality measures as well as operational and financial performance measures on a monthly basis and can compare their performance with not only their peers in the State of Oregon, but also the other 235 small, rural hospitals in the QHi data bank.

The ORHQN not only supports facility input of data but also publishes monthly performance reports for the network as a whole as well as for all the individual facilities.

And finally, the ORHQN facilitates quarterly meetings of a Patient Care Improvement Round Table and an Operational and Financial Improvement Round Table for review and analysis of network performance and trending as well as sharing of best practices.

This program is funded largely through SHIP grant fund dedications from network facilities.

Healthcare Satisfaction Index Program

The ORHQN also offers a patient, staff, and physician survey programs.

The patient satisfaction survey program can be conducted via paper, phone, or electronically and also enables comparison with 235 other small rural facilities as do the staff & physician survey programs.

Facilities can tailor surveys for any service line (inpatient or outpatient) and either select from a large pre-established question pool or develop their own questions. The patient satisfaction question pool includes all of the HCAHPS questions.

This program is also largely funded through SHIP grant fund dedications from network facilities.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

The ORHQN also offers enterprise wide strategic planning facilitation services.

ORHQN staff have facilitated the development of long & short term strategic plans in many small rural hospitals including:

  • Valley Community Hospital, Palmer, Alaska
  • North Lincoln Hospital, Lincoln City, Oregon
  • Valley General Hospital, Monroe, Washington
  • Page Hospital, Page, Arizona
  • West Valley Hospital, Dallas, Oregon
  • Mountain View Hospital, Madras, Oregon
  • Southern Coos Hospital, Bandon, Oregon

Board Education & Development

The ORHQN also offers board education and development services including non-profit Board duties and responsibilities, team building, Board/CEO relations, and policy development (among other topics).