Crook County CHIP



What is the Health Partnership?

The partnership involves residents of the Crook County CHIP area in creating strategies to improve overall health and answer issues facing health care services. It is about people becoming involved in health policy decisions.

Health improvement is both an individual and health system activity. The health of the Crook County CHIP area residents will be determined by these factors:

  • Individual health behaviors and lifestyles, combined with
  • The availability and accessibility of the appropriate health resources.

The Health Partnership will identify issues, develop alternative solutions, and look at social and economic impacts of the alternatives.

Goals of the Partnership

The Partnership has six interrelated goals:

  1. Improve the health status of the Crook County CHIP area residents.
  2. Involve as many people as possible in the decision-making process.
  3. Expand awareness of the health system’s resources and of issues facing health care delivery.
  4. Develop local leadership through training and experience in decision-making.
  5. Support the creation of projects and programs to meet identified community needs.
  6. Educate residents about the role health care plays in economic development.

Community Health Improvement Partnership is a unique process involving the Crook County CHIP area residents in developing ways to improve local health care for our community. It is about people becoming involved in health policy decisions both as individuals and as concerned community members.

Through a shared commitment, Pioneer Memorial Hospital and OHSU’s Oregon Office of Rural Health and Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network are sponsoring a health improvement project. The health system wants to know what is important to those it expects to serve.

Everyone in our community has something to contribute to the discussion of local health care. You and your organization can be part of the Community Health Improvement Partnership!

Contact the Crook County CHIP Coordinator

Sharon Vail, Coordinator
Phone: (541) 447-6254, ext. 380
Fax: (541) 447-6705
1201 NE Elm St.
Prineville, OR 97754

If you would like more information on the CHIP process, please contact Meredith Guardino, Director of Field Services | | (503) 494-4450 | toll-free 866-674-4376.