CHIRP Community Partners

The Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network is currently partnering with four community health coalitions. The coalitions span four Oregon counties, and there are two organizations that act as regional coordinators: HealthMattters of Central Oregon and Samaritan Health Services.

 Map of counties participating in CHIRP program

Central Oregon Community Partners

HealthMatters of Central Oregon

Regional Organizer

HealthMatters of Central Oregon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of central Oregonians through active community participation. Located in Bend, they provide central Oregon with a voice on issues including health care integration, access, coverage, prevention, and wellness. They help facilitate community projects, cooperative partnerships, voluntary contributions, and the coordination of medical, financial, and in-kind resources throughout the community.

Go to HealthMatters website.

Crook County

Community Health Improvement Partnership

The Crook County CHIP involves residents in creating strategies to improve overall health and to answer issues facing health care services. It is about people becoming involved in health policy decisions. They have identified three main focus areas: dental services, prevention, and healthy lifestyles.

Jefferson County

Mountain View Community Health Improvement Partnership

The Mountain View CHIP in Jefferson County started in 2006 and is designed to bring together local residents and health care providers to find ways of improving the health of residents. They have developed workgroups targeting four focus areas: community and school-based obesity prevention initiatives, children's oral health, healthy brain and character supports for infants and children, and community-based participatory research.

Mid-Valley Community Partners

Samaritan Health Services

Regional Organizer

Samaritan Health Services (SHS) provides health care to the close-knit Oregon communities of the mid-Willamette Valley and central Oregon coast, with medical clinics, hospitals, and an independent/assisted  living center. SHS provides health training and has a residency program for physicians and pharmacists.

Three of Samaritan's five affiliated hospitals are designated as rural facilities and have partnered with the Oregon Office of Rural Health to form the Community Health Improvement Partnerships.

Go to Samaritan Health Services website.

East Linn County

Community Health Improvement Partnership

The Linn County CHIP has been active since 2003 and is located in the east Linn County where Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital is located. They have identified the following priorities: teen health, mental health, transportation, affordable health care, health education, prevention / healthy communities promotion, and urgent care.

Lincoln County

Community Health Improvement Partnership

The Lincoln County CHIP has been active throughout the county since 2002. The Samaritan North Lincoln and Samaritan Pacific Communities hospitals are both located in Lincoln County. They have identified the following priorities: children's health, school-based health centers, chronic disease management, access to care, healthy community promotion, and access/referral to health services.