Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP)


CHIP: Involving residents in creating a healthier community.

What is the Community Health Improvement Partnership Process?

The Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) is a community development process that engages rural communities to make local decisions. CHIP develops ways for rural communities to improve local health care systems and improve health status of area residents. CHIP is a unique process because the solutions are created by local residents who know what will work best for their community.

CHIP helps diverse groups and individuals seek a common sense of loyalty and identification with health system goals, projects and programs. It builds a shared commitment for the future.

What are the goals of CHIP?

  • Improve the health status of local residents
  • Involve as many people as possible in the decision-making process
  • Expand awareness of the health system’s resources and of issues facing health care services
  • Develop new local leadership through training and experience in decision making
  • Support the creation of projects and programs to identify common needs
  • And educate residents about the role health care plays in economic development

What data does CHIP collect?

The CHIP process provides communities with an opportunity to learn in detail what and how the local healthcare delivery system operates. In addition, the CHIP process also conducts qualitative assessments to gauge what local residents like and dislike about the current delivery system.

The following data is collected:

  • Health status
  • Service area map
  • Demographics and Socioeconomic structure
  • Physician need and supply
  • Utilization of local health services by local residents
  • Health resource inventory of local services
  • Employee Health Survey
  • Key informant report
  • Community vision meeting results


If you would like more information on the CHIP process, please contact Meredith Guardino, Director of Field Services | | (503) 494-4450 | toll-free 866-674-4376.