Oregon's Critical Access Hospitals (CAH)


Oregon has 25 Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs). The Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) Program, established by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (Public Law 105-33), is available to all 50 states. Its intent is to support rural and frontier communities to provide health care services that meet community needs, and help assure the financial viability of small, rural hospitals.

Benefits and Eligibility

The Flex Program enables certain rural hospitals to be classified as Critical Access Hospitals (CAH). A CAH is able to improve its financial stability through enhanced Medicare reimbursement and reduced operating costs. A full list of benefits is available.

In Oregon, the process of designation is coordinated by the Oregon Office of Rural Health. Please see eligibility requirements or call the Office of Rural Health to discuss eligibility.

Map of all Oregon CAHs
Directory of Oregon’s CAHs

CAH Information and Resources

CAH Community Benefit Reporting and 501(c)(3) Compliance Requirements

CHA and CHIP Requirements for 501(c)(3) Hospitals, Local Public Health, and Coordinated Care Organizations

2016 Community Benefit Reporting Highlights
2017 Community Benefit Reporting Highlights
A Review of Community Benefit Reporting Challenges for Critical Access Hospitals in Oregon (Verité Healthcare Consulting, LLC, 2017)

IRS: Final Requirements for 501(c)(3) Hospitals Under the Affordable Care Act

Checklist: Community Health Needs Assessment 501(r) Requirements (Verité Healthcare Consulting, LLC)

Webinar: Ensuring IRS 501(r) Compliance as a Rural Hospital (Verité Healthcare Consulting, LLC, OAHHS and ORH)

CAH Best Practices Research

The Flex Monitoring Team Publishes research on CAH best practices for quality, operations and finance, and community engagement.

Funding Opportunities

Rural Health Information Hub's Funding Resource

Telehealth Information

Each state and payer defines telemedicine and telehealth differently. Oregon definitions of telemedicine, ORS.442.015 and telehealth Senate Bill 786:

"Telemedicine" as the provision of health services to patients by physicians and health care practitioners from a distance using electronic communications.

"Telehealth" means a variety of mothods, through the use of electronic and telecommunications technologies, for the distance delivery of health care services, including dental care services, and clinical information designed to improve a patient's health status and to enhance delivery of the health care services and clinical information.

Telehealth Reimbursement in Oregon by Payor


For more information about becoming a Critical Access Hospital, technical assistance needs or the Flex Program, please contact Meredith Guardino | | 503-494-4450 | toll-free 866-674-4376.