Completing the Medicare Cost Report

Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) must complete a Medicare Cost Report annually. It is due five months from the date of the end of the RHC’s fiscal year. The Medicare Cost Report:

  1. Determines future reimbursement rates including reimbursement for Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccines given to Medicare patients;

  2. Determines allowable Medicare bad-debt write-off;

  3. Reconciles the RHC’s interim rate payment to the RHC’s actual cost per visit.

The Medicare Fiscal Intermediary may withhold payments for an unfiled Medicare cost report. The Cost Report forms and process is slightly different for Independent vs. Provider-based RHCs:

  • Independent RHCs: Cost Report form and instructions (CMS-222-92)

  • Provider-based RHCs: Cost Report form and instructions (CMS-2552-10 – M schedules)

Wipfli LLP provides Medicare cost reporting services for both independent and provider-based RHCs. See Wipfli’s Menu of RHC Services.