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RHC TA & Resources

Important Information for RHCs

Publications available for Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers. Information from these manuals can help with questions about operating a Rural Health Clinic.

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Other Resources

Technical Assistance offered by the Office of Rural Health

Board Training of Roles & Responsibilities: This training takes approximately 2 ½ hours. It is suggested that public and non-profit boards do this training once every year. It is especially important when new board members are joining. This training provides an excellent over view of individual and group duties for RHC boards. For example, issues regarding clinic finances, operations, and quality assurance issues.

Strategic Planning: Provides RHCs with assistance in creating and building goals and objectives. Is your RHC following general business practices to operate as efficiently as possible?

Need Assessments: Provide help in collecting either qualitative or quantitative information that help create useful planning information.

Act as a resource: Provide and seek information that will be helpful for RHCs. Find answers to questions, provide grant information, and information for other technical consultants.

Technical Assistance and Training for Non-Profit Organizations

Billing Information for RHCs

Provider-based RHCs

National Government Services